Gaucho Farms Family-Owned, Pasture-Based Meats, Poultry, Eggs, Vegetables, and Fruits

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Gaucho Farms is a return to the kind of diversified, biodynamic, family farm of our grandparents and great-grandparents. Using sustainable farming practices, we strive to improve the productivity of our 30-acre farm  over time, without artificial inputs. We are 100% free of synthetic chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, and let natural processes help us build soil fertility, harness solar energy in grasses and plants, and direct the care of our livestock to promote optimum health. Remember, we are what we eat, but we are what we eat, eats, too.

Are you certified organic?
No.  But we meet or exceed all of the organic standards in everything we do.  Remember that the way food is grown is a practice – we grow food sustainably without any chemical inputs or use of genetically modified seeds or feeds (no GMOs).  Certification, on the other hand, is a label provided by the government or another organization. It takes extra time and money to acquire the label that third party provides.  That extra time and cost is passed on to the consumer or puts an undue burden on the farmer.  Visit your farmer.  Know your farmer.

Do you carry any certifications?
No. Many new certifications have cropped up – at least three different humane certifications, and certified naturally grown, among others – where a third party “certifies” the grower follows certain practices. All of these certifications rely on an owner declaration of their practices and require a certification fee. Some require a farm inspection, and some don’t. The best way to know what you are getting is to know your farmer.

While we certainly respect the decision of farmers to carry certifications, (and I have not ruled out certification in the event our products are ever on store shelves), middle-man certifying agents and organizations are going to capitalize on the rising interest in clean foods. With the extra time and cost involved in pursuing and maintaining certifications, the burden is falling on both the farmer and the customer. There are loopholes and temporary exemptions for nearly every certification that can be obtained or approved.  Also remember that "certified" anything doesn't necessarily mean "chemical free."  It simply means "OMRI Approved".

Most of our customers have visited our farm on one of our many open days to see for themselves how our animals live, see how happy our chickens are, see how calm our cattle and sheep are, see that there are bugs living in our garden, and hopefully feel completely comfortable that we treat our animals well and keep the poisons off of our farm. While the vast majority of farmers who do carry certifications are honest and dedicated, unscrupulous individuals can skirt the truth or cut corners and still reap the higher prices associated with “certified” products.