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U-Pick Blueberries

Here's all the info!

What to expect?
Where/how to pay?
What to bring?
What are the rules?
Can we see the animals?
What else will you have for sale?
What other days can we pick?

What can I expect?
You can expect to come pick plentiful, 100% chemical free berries you can eat off the bush. We are open from 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. because it's just too hot in the afternoon. The blueberry patch is down the road from the house in front of the pond. Cost is $3 / lb u-pick. A scale is provided at the blueberry patch and in the farm store.

Where/how to pay?On Saturdays please pay cash or check to the attendant at the blueberry patch, or you can pay by credit or debit at the farm store.

What to bring?
Wear close-toed shoes, and you can bring your own picking basket or we will have picking bags available at the farm store.

What are the rules?
1. The number one rule is to have fun, and taste berries from the bush. Some bushes have sweeter berries than others.
The blueberry patch is in front of an open pond. All children must have an adult dedicated to their supervision and safety. Snakes are around ponds, and occasionally there is an alligator in the pond. Wasps and ants are a reality.
3. No dogs.
4. Please do not pick red and green berries from the bush or let children throw berries.
5. Pay for berries in the mailbox during the week and at the farm store behind the white house on Saturdays.

Can we see the animals?
The animals are out and about and you can certainly see how big the lambs have gotten. There will be chickens roaming around, but we are not allowing visitors out into the pastures, like we do during our farm events. It is very hot, and the lambs and sheep do not need to be stressed at this time of year. We want everyone to have a great experience here, so if this is the main reason you are coming out, we don't want you to be disappointed.

What else will you have for sale?
On Saturdays at the farm store behind the house we will have:
100% grass-fed and finished Gaucho Beef.
100% grass-fed and finished Gaucho Lamb.
100% grass-fed local Green Acres Bison
Pastured Sandspur Farms Pork
Pastured Broiler Chickens
Pastured, GMO free, corn free, soy-free eggs
100% Chemical free seasonal vegetables and fruits
Raw Local Honey
No Deet Mosquito and Gnat Repellant
A few other items....

What other days can we pick?
We want to manage the harvest to make sure you have a great picking experience. We will DEFINITELY be open every Saturday morning in June, and I will post a weekly schedule.

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U-Pick Blueberries