We started Gaucho Farms a few years ago because we wanted to grow the kind of food that we would feel good about feeding our family. The result is a small, diversified family farm in Southeast Alabama producing all-natural, superior-quality:

  • 100% grass-fed beef and lamb,
  • pastured broiler chickens and turkeys,
  • pastured, free-range eggs,
  • chemical-free fruits and vegetables,
  • heirloom vegetable plants from certified organic, non-GMO seed,
  • all-natural jams, jellies, sauces and other products.

Thanks to the support and encouragement of many family, friends and loyal customers, we are now able to offer our farm products more widely.

Our customers appreciate that we take a holistic approach to farming, where each small enterprise is connected to, and supports, the others.  For example, the pastured broiler chickens, laying hens, and heritage turkeys provide an ample supply of fertilizer for our pastures.  We never use herbicides, instead, our Katahdin sheep graze certain weeds, like wild mustard, along with salad-bar mixture of grasses, which in turn produces mild-flavored, delicious lamb.  We make our own compost to provide fertilizer for our garden and specialty heirloom plants.

Our poultry and livestock are never given antibiotics, growth hormones or synthetic pesticides. Our meat lambs and steers are 100% grass-fed. They are never fed grain, soy hulls, or other industry by-products.  Contrast that with the typical U.S. system which relies on concentrated feedlots, growth hormones, systemic antibiotics, and tons of grain and agricultural by-products like chicken litter.

Why Gaucho Beef, Lamb and Poultry

The Pampas of Argentina, homeland of owner Jorge Sanchez, are famous for wide open grasslands and gauchos (Argentine cowboys). Gaucho Farms’ beef and lamb recall the traditions of the Pampas – free of grain, pesticides, antibiotics, and added hormones.  Owner Suzanne Wright Sanchez is a committed to the practice of sustainable agriculture, and continually looks for ways to improve the care of our land and livestock. Our free-range laying hens, pastured broiler chickens, and pastured heritage turkeys enjoy a natural diet of forages, insects and local, whole grains, along with plenty of fresh air and sunshine.  We are committed to a more compassionate way of farming, and thoughtfully exceed humane animal treatment standards through every stage of production. Our mission is to produce healthier alternatives to factory-farmed meats, poultry and eggs—healthier for our bodies, the animals, and the land.

Buying locally-grown meats and produce means an opportunity to get the highest quality foods at affordable prices.  Gaucho Farms doesn’t sell a commodity to an anonymous buyer. We rely on satisfied, repeat customers to maintain and grow our business.  When you buy from Gaucho Farms you’ll get products that are great tasting, are chemical and pesticide-free, are healthier for you, and are sustainably and mindfully grown.